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Donate to Fixing Stillwater Schools

Entrenched power often doesn’t “play nice” being uncooperative or otherwise challenging us to enforce the law, expecting that typical citizens cannot.  There will continue to be times when litigation and other actions needing funding will be necessary.  To fight the long fight, we must be able to come to the table, ante up and engage. Will you help stake us with your donation now? 


Your donation will help Fixing Stillwater Schools (FSS): 

  • Shine light on the secretive process that puts inappropriate instructional materials in the hands of our children. 
  • Tell parents about off-calendar, unannounced school programs that inculcate far left progressive dogma in unsuspecting young minds and hearts. 
  • Prepare for and conduct possibly expensive actions to enforce FOIA requests lying dormant and to defend ourselves in the community. 

Like the famous Minnesota 1st at the Battle of Gettysburg, this is our moment to fill the gap and alter our children’s future! Nobody else is. But we can if you stand with us, together! Make the difference. Please, donate today 

Donations via this form will go entirely to support Fixing Stillwater Schools. Anedot is the card processor and Education Standards of America will disburse all funds for Fixing Stillwater Schools programs donated via this form.

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